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Why can't Paris Saint-Germain win the Champions League?


Many people will attribute the problem to the Ligue 1 level not being high enough, which is obviously not fair enough. The Portuguese league level is lower than that of the Ligue 1, but the Portuguese team just Porto won the Champions League more times than the Ligue 1 teams combined. Bayern and Real Madrid also often face vulnerable opponents in La Liga. The Premier League is recognized as the most competitive or the Serie A, which is recognized as the most difficult to set obstacles to opponents at the technical and tactical level, does not always have a team that can dominate the Champions League.

许多人将问题归因于Ligue 1水平不够高,这显然不够公平。葡萄牙联赛的水平低于联赛1的水平,但葡萄牙队波尔图赢得欧洲冠军联赛的次数比联赛1的总和还多。拜仁和皇马也经常在西甲面对脆弱的对手。英超联赛被认为是最具竞争力的联赛或意甲联赛,它被认为是在技术和战术层面上最难为对手设置障碍的球队,但并不总是拥有一支可以统治冠军联赛的球队。

At the end of this year's Champions League final, many people regretted that Neymar and Mbappe did not seize the opportunity to score. But if they have watched Paris Saint-Germain's Ligue 1 game, perhaps they will not feel so much regret, because Neymar and Mbappé always have to waste a lot of opportunities to score the ball.


Sometimes you may think that Paris Saint-Germain players are deliberately avoiding humiliating opponents with massacres, but no one has ever been obliged to do so in football matches. If this is the case all the year round, they will only destroy their own prospects because they lose the practice of shooting accuracy. It's easy to miss and shoot a plane, and it is not always easy to face the goalkeeper with precision.


After defeating Reims 2-0 on Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain coach Tuchel finally got angry. He publicly criticized the players for not taking their shots seriously.


Tuchel certainly knows why the team lost the Champions League final. His technical and tactical arrangement is actually to find the goal of Bayern. Those once-in-a-lifetime striker goalkeepers face-to-face opportunities also appeared in the game, but the Paris Saint-Germain striker did not grasp it. From this perspective, it is true that the 0-1 loss of the game It's a pity.


This is a feature of the Champions League. The confrontation between giants can create some opportunities for each other, and the ability to grasp the opportunities has become the key to determining the outcome of the game. If you usually lack the ability to break goals efficiently, you will only encounter trouble temporarily. Shooting is not only a matter of shooting on target but also a kind of mentality. It is difficult for a forward who has been shooting for a long time to suddenly become a good shooter in the finals.


As the leader of a team, Tuchel never publicly criticized the team after losing the Champions League final. But this time he got angry. He knew that to continue, Paris Saint-Germain would only repeat the previous script: a team with a beautiful play and a crowd of stars, but it often seemed as though embarrassed to shoot the ball.


Reims had previously beaten Paris Saint-Germain consecutively, but this season after the transfer of the main defender Di Sassi and the departure of the main midfielder Romao, his defensive ability was severely reduced. In addition, the main defender Faez suspended and intercepted this season. The ability is very limited, "Team Daily" even thinks that the team's center back Maresic is useless.

兰斯此前曾连续击败过巴黎圣日耳曼队,但本赛季在主要后卫迪·萨西的调动和主要中场球员罗马奥的离任后,他的防守能力大大下降。此外,主要后卫法兹本赛季暂停并拦截。能力非常有限,《 Team Daily》甚至认为球队的中后卫Maresic毫无用处。

But Paris Saint-Germain players except Icardi, the other people's shots are also useless. They either hit the side net, or the anti-aircraft gun, or shot hard, and Neymar took the ball from the wing all the way across the opponent's entire defense line to face. The goalkeeper accurately pushed out the sideline.


Tuchel was very upset and said, “To be honest, I’m not satisfied. This game should be done in 20 minutes. We should be ahead of 3 or 4 goals in 20 minutes. I felt even more uncomfortable in the second half because we It's too casual. Lance can't threaten us. This is not the problem. The most important thing in football is to create absolute scoring opportunities. We created 7 or 8 such opportunities in the first half, but we just didn't score many goals. unacceptable."


"We did dominate the game, we won, but we still let our opponents see hope at the end of the half (1-0 lead), and in the second half we gave Reims a lot of space and conceded too many goals easily. I hope our players can be more serious and precise."


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Tuchel also criticized Neymar for choosing his position on the court. "I asked him to play as a midfielder, but he ran to play as a midfielder. He invested too much in defense. Now I am more worried about his hearing on Wednesday. "

Tuchel还批评Neymar选择了他在球场上的位置。 “我要求他担任中场,但他参加了中场。他在防守上投入过多。现在,我更加担心周三的听证会。”

The actual situation is not that Neymar invests too much in defense, but Neymar wants to perform too much, too much to dribble and play around. He doesn't even want to wait for his teammates to deliver the ball in the frontcourt. There is only 1 ball in the game. He wants the ball at his feet, so he always goes directly to the back line to ask for the ball. He organizes the attack from back to front with his own hand. After he completes one or two long-drive sprints with the ball, Neymar is in the "back midfielder" position. Kind of juggling to tease the opponent. This is indeed a problem. Neymar’s most efficient year was when he was playing at Barcelona. Messi and Suarez were not allowed to juggle in the midfield. If he wanted to juggle, he had to juggle at the same time. In Paris Saint-Germain, he could Keep this luxury for yourself.




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